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Dividing Property Fairly Through Divorce Mediation

There’s more to divorce than the dissolution of a marriage. For most couples, child support and custody matters must be resolved, spousal support payments may need to be arranged, and the family home as well as other assets must be divided.

The process of property division can be one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce. Emotional attachment to marital property can make compromise a difficult prospect, especially when it comes to matters of a family business or home, and places that carry substantial, financial and sentimental value.

Many couples fail to understand the implications associated with the property division process. In some cases, a spouse/partner may conceal assets to avoid giving them up. Furthermore, debts that one may be held accountable for can come to light even after that person’s divorce has been finalized.

To avoid these and other difficulties, using mediation can help you and your spouse/partner reach a quicker and more affordable resolution to your divorce.

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After more than 30 years practicing family law, I have seen all types of divorces. Now as someone working as a family law mediator, I know firsthand how to help couples navigate the mediation process as smoothly as possible.

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