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What To Expect From Mediation

For Atlanta families going through divorce, working with a mediator can simplify the entire process by offering clear options that focus on your concerns.

What many people fail to realize is that there is more to family law than piles of legal paperwork. My role as a mediator is multidimensional. I serve as a neutral party, who can provide information based on my experience as both a litigator and a mediator. This can help parties reach a resolution that works for both sides.

Why I Do What I Do

Like many other people, I experienced divorce by watching my parents separate and divorce. The difference for me was that I was an independent adult when my parents ended their marriage. With an adult’s perspective, I used the experience to better inform my personal and professional approach to family law and ultimately be a better mediator.

Using this firsthand perspective of separation and divorce to shape my practice, I know the stresses of litigation. I want to help you reduce your stress by mediating toward a resolution of your case.

I understand the importance of considering creative alternatives when working in mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to resolve contested issues as efficiently as possible.

A Comfortable Environment To Share Your Story

In my mediation practice, I provide parties with straight talk based on experience, so you can have the emotional strength to make sound decisions for yourself that promote a better future. To learn more about my background and qualifications, click on the link here:

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