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Planning for the future often involves considering possibilities you'd rather not think about. For many people, after-death arrangements are something that they ignore until it is too late. As it pertains to divorce, some may not realize that the will or other arrangements made while you were married are no longer valid once you split with your spouse.

At my firm, I emphasize the importance of education. When you have the necessary information, you are empowered to make decisions that benefit you, your family and your future.

Probate And Estate Administration

After the death of a family member or loved one, grief and emotions can take over people's abilities to make practical decisions. That is why it is important to work with an experienced attorney when probating a will. By carefully determining the legality of the deceased's final wishes, property and assets can be identified, debts can be paid and distribution can ensue.

Although there may be special circumstances for your matter, probate administration often follows the following model:

  • Collecting all probate property of the decedent
  • Paying all debts, claims and taxes owed by the estate
  • Collecting all rights to income, dividends, etc.
  • Settling any disputes
  • Distributing or transferring the remaining property to the heirs

A Lawyer Can Help You Protect Your Family With A Legal Will

One of the best protections an individual can provide his or her family is a legal and current will. A relatively simple legal document, a will can account for the distribution of assets, property and any other final wishes that you may have. By spelling everything out in detail, numerous difficulties can be avoided such as reconciliation of debts, funeral or cremation expenses as well as avoiding conflicts that may arise if family members should become embattled over property or heirlooms.

Whether you simply want to draft a legal will or are in the middle of a divorce and need to update your current will, I can help you draw up a plan that meets your needs and protects your interests. Call my Atlanta, Georgia, law office by dialing 404-907-2673 or send me an email.

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