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There's more to divorce than the dissolution of a marriage. For most couples, child support and custody matters must be resolved, spousal support payments may need to be arranged and the family home as well as other assets must be divided.

The process of property division can be one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce. Emotional attachment to marital property can make compromise a difficult prospect, especially when it comes to matters of a family business or home, places that carry substantial financial and sentimental value.

Many couples fail to understand the implications associated with the property division process. In some cases, a spouse may conceal assets to avoid giving them up. Furthermore, debts can come to light that you may be held accountable for even though your divorce has been finalized. To avoid these and other difficulties, you want to work with a lawyer who has been through the process before. After more than 30 years practicing family law, I have seen all types of divorces and understand the best methods for seeing that the entire affair moves smoothly.

Some of the skills and resources I offer my clients include:

  • Discovery: When you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets, I know how to find whatever may be tucked away. With a keen eye for finances and a host of real estate valuators, forensic specialists and CPAs in my network, I bring a skilled team to any discovery matter.
  • Business: For business owners or entrepreneurs, a divorce and the subsequent division of property can be messy. If you and your former spouse started the business together, pooled resources during the start up or worked at the business as partners, there can be plenty to discuss during mediation or litigation.
  • Retirement accounts: Sometimes overlooked when considering asset division, retirement accounts, benefits, stock options or other finances need to be carefully tabulated to ensure that each party receives his or her due.

High-Asset Divorce In Atlanta, Georgia

No matter your financial situation, you stand to benefit from the straightforward advice and investigative resources I can provide. Still, for those with substantially more at stake, working with an attorney is all but an essential part of the divorce process. It's been said that the more money people have, the less concern they have over smaller matters. Regardless of whether this is true, it's important to work with an attorney who will pay attention to all the details so you can proceed knowing you are well-protected.

Save Yourself The Worry By Completing A Premarital Agreement

Many people wrongfully assume that premarital agreements are only for rich celebrities or the opulently wealthy. The truth is any couple can benefit from having a plan in place to protect their assets. Furthermore, if you are getting a divorce, it is important to review your will to ensure that it is up to date.

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