Working Together To Preserve Your Parent-Child Relationship

Anytime young children are involved in a divorce, you can count on being required to make difficult decisions regarding child custody and parenting agreements. Most divorces get bogged down during this stage of the process as many parents who are willing to compromise on other matters tend to dig in when it comes to protecting their relationship with their children.

When making decisions that could impact your children, it's important to work with an experienced lawyer who can offer clear, objective advice. By working together, we can identify the best arrangement for you and your children, structure a plan for pursuing those goals and take decisive action. Feel free to call me, attorney Randie Siegel, at 404-907-2673 to set up a consultation.

Factors That Affect A Parenting Agreement

Mediation is often the best method for creating a parenting agreement that takes into account the interests of both parents as well as the children. Although each family's needs are different, a few of the most common concerns that factor into a mediated parenting agreement or a litigated case include:

  • The ability of each parent to provide financially for the children
  • The health and physical well-being of the parents
  • The home environment where the children will reside
  • Any history of physical abuse, domestic violence or incidents of alcohol or drug abuse on the part of the parent
  • Proximity to schools, immediate family and amenities such as parks, playgrounds or medical facilities, should the child require special medical care

If the child is mature enough to make his or her own decisions, the preferences of the child can be taken into consideration.

Help With Modifications And Willful Contempt In Atlanta, Georgia

Providing for the financial well-being of your child is just one responsibility of parenthood. For fathers and mothers both, the expectation to provide child support as outlined by the courts or via a legal parenting agreement is a serious responsibility that requires careful consideration.

A part of that responsibility is keeping up with changes that can affect your ability to keep up with your payments. For some, this means a new career, perhaps losing a job, suffering an illness or injury, or the needs of the children's changing in a significant way. Regardless of the changes to your financial situation, failing to pay or to provide appropriate support can have serious consequences such as fines and incarceration.

Other consequences for failing to comply with a child support agreement include:

  • Garnishment of bank accounts
  • Garnishment or income-withholding on your wages or other assets that can be used to collect past due support
  • The filing of liens and seizures

  • Passport denial
  • Credit agency reporting

Empowering Parents To Pursue Amicable Parenting Agreements

A parenting agreement should ultimately address present issues while providing for the future. As your attorney, I will put my experience and resources to work helping you to determine what you hope to accomplish and how to achieve it. By thinking about where you and your children will be five, 10 or 20 years down the road, you can restart your life feeling confident in your prospects.

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