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For Atlanta families going through divorce, working with an attorney can simplify the entire process by offering clear advice and aggressive representation during litigation. What many people fail to realize is that there is more to family law than piles of legal paperwork and battles in the courtroom. By putting my clients' interests at the forefront of my practice, I look at my role as multidimensional: as an educator, a support network and strong legal advocate.

Why I Do What I Do

Like many other people, I experienced divorce by watching my parents separate. The difference for me was that I was an independent adult when my parents ended their marriage. With an adult's perspective, I used the experience to better inform my personal and professional approach to family law and ultimately be a better lawyer for my clients.

Using this firsthand perspective of separation and divorce to shape my practice, I stress the importance of considering creative alternatives when negotiating or working in mediation to resolve contested issues as efficiently as possible.

A Comfortable Environment To Share Your Story

Few areas of the law are as emotional and personal as family law. To better protect the privacy of you and your children, I keep your affairs confidential while providing a safe, discreet environment to share your story. If you and your former spouse feel that going to court overexposes your issues, we can work together to discuss the benefits of working confidentially in mediation.

At my firm, I provide clients with the emotional strength, practical advice, resources and legal advocacy, and variety of options that promote a better future.

Reach out to me, Randie Siegel, by calling my Atlanta, Georgia, law firm at 404-907-2673 or by sending an email.

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