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Get A Fresh Start Through Mediation

I can help resolve any type of family law dispute through mediation or any other form of ADR, allowing couples to face the future with confidence.


Solving All Types Of Family Law Disputes Through Mediation

After more than 30 years of practicing family law, during which I have guided individuals, couples and families from all walks of life through divorce, child support, custody modifications, paternity, legitimation and fathers’ rights, and other family law issues, I now only mediate and arbitrate family law cases.

I focus on using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, including mediation, to resolve all family law matters. This approach helps to ensure parties can navigate this process quickly, effectively and in a nonconfrontational manner.

As a mediator, I cannot give legal advice. However, with my experience as both a litigator and a mediator for more than 25 years, I can help you resolve your issues.

When people think of divorce, they almost always think of the bitterness, anger and frustration of dissolving a broken marriage. The fact is that divorce does not have to be all about endings. For many, divorce is an opportunity to start over with the prospect for a brighter future.

Decades Of Experience Resolving Family Law Disputes Amicably

Family law blurs the lines between personal, emotional and legally objective issues. Perhaps more than any other practice area, divorce and other family law matters strike a critical emotional nerve in people that can impact the outcome of their case.

As a licensed mediator, I offer the following to help parties make informed decisions:

  • Straightforward discussions during mediation: By setting realistic expectations, individuals can set achievable goals for resolving their dispute.
  • Individualized attention: When you hire me as your mediator, I will be available until your matter is fully resolved.
  • Experience: The mediator people choose to partner with should be someone who knows how to move your case forward toward resolution.
  • Education: I look to empower individuals during the mediation process by sharing my knowledge and experience, so that each party can take an active role in deciding the outcome of their case.

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The best way to begin addressing the issues in your divorce is through mediation. Call my Atlanta, Georgia, office by dialing 404-907-2673, or send me an email to schedule your mediation appointment for you and your partner/spouse.